What's a Friendly Human?

There’s been a lot of talk lately that the Friendly Human is a dying breed, but we just don’t think that is so. We refuse to believe that good hearts and helpful hands are in the minority in our society – and we’re out to prove it.

Maybe, just maybe the problem isn’t with a shortage of Friendly Humans. More likely, people just don’t know what a Friendly Human looks like.

What is a Friendly Human?

Being a friendly human starts with an attitude, an outlook, a decision to leave the world better than you found it. It isn’t about being perfect or better than anyone else, just yourself. They begin each day with a resolve to be a better human than they were the day before.

Friendly Humans aren’t hard to spot – if you look for them. They are the ones who are quick to laugh (and spread that laughter to others). They lend a helping hand without being asked and say things like, “you’re doing a great job!” or “I appreciate you.” But they don’t keep their kindness within the confines of their own personal circle, they share it with strangers from the cashier to the grocery store to the stranger on the subway.

In short, Friendly Humans are Good Humans.

Daily Directives for Friendly Humans

We make choices daily to be happy or sad, helpful or harmful, selfless or selfish – sometimes they are conscious; sometimes they aren’t.

If you are pursuing the path to becoming a Friendly Human, here are a few daily directives you can incorporate into your own life and start practicing right now:

  • ENCOURAGE people wherever you go
  • SMILE at strangers
  • HELP others when they least expect it
  • SPEAK positivity
  • BE KIND to the earth
  • COMPLIMENT generously
  • LAUGH freely (from your belly)
  • SHOW compassion for all living things
  • SPREAD joy everywhere you go
  • BE a part of the solution

And now we have just one simple question for you.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to join us, Friendly Human?